We’re confronting modern supply chain challenges and uncovering solutions to thrive amid the increasing complexity of global trade.

As we navigate white-knuckle trade wars and increased regulations, pivot to the demands of e-commerce, and unite to protect against climate change, one thing is certain: 2020 promises extraordinary innovations in supply chain and logistics for those who are committed to success. Pre-register now to join us as we chart the way forward.

  • FORWARD has been much more personal and much more intimate than other industry events I’ve been to. Director of Operations

  • It’s not a sales pitch, it’s really helping me walk away with new insights to use tomorrow to start shaping the strategies for our business. Head of Supply Chain Strategy

  • FORWARD is different from other conferences in my opinion. The quality of the speakers is really high and they’re providing you with insights based on data they have out of their trades. Head of Supply Chain Strategy

  • It’s not just sitting there and being lectured at, it’s fun and interactive. Senior Purchasing Manager


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